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  • beetroot-slices-meze

    The “MEZE” Beetroot slices come from the region of Macedonia. Whether you are eating freshly boiled beetroots at home or “MEZE” beetroots you cannot tell the difference. “MEZE” beetroots are bursting with vivid color and sweet earthly taste. Their fresh taste is next to none. A classic Greek simple recipe to make with use of beetroot slices, just add some salt, white vinegar, finely chopped fresh garlic and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and it will surely bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your mouth.

    720ml x 12 per case

  • giardiniera-meze

    The “MEZE” Giardiniera is based on a unique traditional Macedonian recipe which contains high quality vegetables. The combination of first generation knowledge and the dynamics of the second generation has as an outcome the perfect taste and quality of the product. The balance of salty and sour pleases the palette as well as preserves the integrity of the product.

    1l x 12 per case

  • kalamata-olives-meze

    Directly imported from the region of Messinias in the heart of the Peloponnese, these olives with their fresh, earthy taste are great as a savory snack alongside other pickled vegetables. This olive is a great size and very hearty. Ideal within traditional Greek salads. A great accompaniment to Greek feta cheese, the combination of the two flavors is an explosion in your mouth. A true taste of the Mediterannean.

    500ml x 12 per case

  • pepperoncini-meze

    The “MEZE” Pepperoncini are better known as the well renowned Macedonian green peppers. They are known for their superior quality, rich taste and for their numerous health benefits some of them being a low caloric and low fat food, and virtually in some cases fat free. Fat free foods reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol and problems with buildup in the arteries. “MEZE” Pepperoncini is a savory and flavorful food, which may help satisfy your appetite without adding significant calories to your daily intake.

    1l x 12 per case

  • roasted-red-peppers-meze

    The “MEZE” Roasted Red Pepper is none other than the Florina pepper which is cultivated in the northern Greek region of Macedonia, more specific from the area Florina for which it is named. This pepper is known in Greece for its’ rich sweet flavor. It is widely exported abroad in various canned forms which preserve and ensure the natural scents of the pepper.

    500ml x 12 per case

  • sun-dried-tomatoes-meze

    The “MEZE” Sun dried tomato from the region of Macedonia is known for its’ higher quality. Its’ savory taste is ideal for appetizers, in sandwiches, and in hot and/or cold pasta dishes. The tomatoes are pre-treated with sulfur dioxide or salt before being placed in the sun in order to improve quality. The “MEZE” sun dried is placed in oil along with herbs and spices to preserve the product.

    370ml x 12 per case