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  • medium-papouda-beans

    The Medium Beans are small, oval shaped and white. This well-adapted variety to the microclimate conditions of the area yields beansthat are delicious, soft and highly nutritional.

    400gr x 12 per case

  • mountain-honey-orino-squeeze-bottle

    Exceptional taste & aroma. Derived from wild herbs and coniferous trees
Comes in a practical format for the everyday user. Ideal in tea and other warm beverages. Adds a unique sweetness.

    500 ml per bottle

  • mountain-tea

    Mountain tea is also known as sideritis ,ironwort and shepherd’s tea. IN the Ancient Greece   has been traditionally used to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system and suppress common cold, the flu and other viruses, allergies and shortness of breath, sinus congestion, even pain and mild anxiety.

    jar 30gr

    bunch 40gr

  • 0uzo-flavored-rusk

    Ouzo wholegrain snack with sourdough made of pure ingredients without preservatives. Produced according to the unigue recipe of the Family Tsiknaki.

    450gr 12 pieces per case

  • papardeles

    Long egg based pasta cut into strips. Most similar to fettucine. Great in a tomato sauce with beef and/or veal. Also great sautéed in butter and topped with Romano cheese. Very hearty and tasty.

    500 gr 20 per case

  • parea(glouten-free,-gmo-free)-biscuits
    “PAREA” is a new series of innovative Greek food without gluten. Created by a group of people who effectively combines long experience in the production of baked goods with high and evolving knowledge in food science.
    The “PAREA” fills the inability of a part of the population consumes gluten, as well as the growing need for healthy eating, creating, for starters, Mediterranean snacks both savory and sweet, free from five main allergens, GMO-free and preservative .
    For us, the taste and the pleasure & privilege is not restricted.
    We invite you to “PAREA”  to discover it!

    150gr x 12 per case

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    In foods and beverages, peppermint is a common flavoring agent.

    jar 90gr

  • pepperoncini-meze

    The “MEZE” Pepperoncini are better known as the well renowned Macedonian green peppers. They are known for their superior quality, rich taste and for their numerous health benefits some of them being a low caloric and low fat food, and virtually in some cases fat free. Fat free foods reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol and problems with buildup in the arteries. “MEZE” Pepperoncini is a savory and flavorful food, which may help satisfy your appetite without adding significant calories to your daily intake.

    1l x 12 per case

  • premium-albantakis-family-extra-virgin-olive-oil

    The ‘PREMIUM BY ALMPANTAKIS FAMILY” collection is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected from the family’s wild olive trees which are cultivated traditionally.
    The famous variety Koroneiki, offers from antiquity one of the finest olive oil worldwide. The collection of the olives takes special care and within a few hours follows the pressing and cold extraction of olive oil. The result is a crystal clear golden oil perfectly balanced, with rich fruity flavor and low acidity.

    Cold extraction
    Single variental: 100% Koroneiki variety
    100% natural
    Acidity level less than 0.2%

    Limited edition

  • roasted-red-peppers-meze

    The “MEZE” Roasted Red Pepper is none other than the Florina pepper which is cultivated in the northern Greek region of Macedonia, more specific from the area Florina for which it is named. This pepper is known in Greece for its’ rich sweet flavor. It is widely exported abroad in various canned forms which preserve and ensure the natural scents of the pepper.

    500ml x 12 per case

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    Rosemary is a Mediterranean herb that has been used for cooking and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The warm, spicy scent of rosemary complements many types of dishes, including drinks and desserts


  • sage

    Sage tea is  a popular drink on Crete and is said to ease menopause related ailments Ancient Greek physicians, such as Dioscurides and Hippocrates, were very familiar with the medicinal and therapeutic qualities and applications of sage. Folk medicine in many parts of the world also consider Sage as a “cure all” medicine.

    Jar 30gr

  • sikaleos-rye

    Rye wholegrain zwieback with farmer’s sourdough made of pure ingredients without preservatives.Produces according to the unigue recipe of the familly Tsiknaki.

    700gr 10 pieces per case

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  • Sitia P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil “PDO SITIA” is produced of “Koroneiki” variety olives.It comes from the fertile land of Sitia, Lasithi Crete and is a product of “Protected Designation of Origin”.The gathering of the olive fruit is done naturally, by hand and under the best and most unique conditions. The method of the production of the olive oil is cold extraction.

    The Olive oil produced is a low acidity, full of Fenoles and has fruity taste and rich aroma.Its optimum quality classifies it among the best in the world.
    It can be consumed raw in salads, marinades, pasta or casserole.