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NISOS (νησί) in Greece means Island. All our product are imported from the biggest Southern island of Greece, Crete.
Nisos importing family has a history of three generations of experience and knowledge in producing extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil and olive paste based on old tradition method from simple elision of olives and it is packaged in a pure and natural manner, in order to maintain all its vitamins and aroma.

  • Olive Paste

    Our black olive paste (tapenade) consisting of finely chopped olives and herbs.
    It’s a perfect appetizer for every table!

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  • Olive Oil

    The combination of tradition and innovation Cretan Olive Mill offers constitutes a significant comparative advantage of the company.
    Based on the valuable lessons of their experience, they handle the olive fruit with responsibility and respect. The concept of cooperation, the pursuit of a common goal with the producers and the necessary efficiency in order to deliver a product they can be proud of, is inherent to our modus operandi. The oil they produce is what they consume in their homes.
    The olive tree, the fruit and the people involved in its production are all cherished in recognition of their importance. They realize the historical weight of a millenniums-old tradition in olive cultivation and accept this inheritance with the purpose to entrust it to future generations. This way, they attempt to combine their genuine concern for the environment with sustainability and the careful utilization of the natural resources. This will be their legacy for the future generations.

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High Quality


Founded in 1996,Cretamel is located in the southern island of Greece, Crete. The members of Creta Mel are a family involved in producing honey.

  • Herbs and Spices

    Our herbs are collected from the mountainous ranges of beautiful Crete. The herbs
    are handled with great care as to retain their nutritional essence and fragrances.
    They are beneficial to one’s health as well as serve medicinal uses. They are great
    stimulants and antioxidants. Just add a few lemon drops and a teaspoon of honey to
    a warm cup of these herbs, and you are well on your way to enjoying a fragrant and
    soothing beverage.

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  • Baked Products

    Tsiknakis Family main goal is to fulfill the demands of their consumers, as the main secret of the cretan longevity in combination with the authentic traditional recipes give their consumers as a present pure tastes without preservatives for a healthy diet
    Our diet-elixirs for health and longevity on Crete produced with respect for the tradition.
    Their company applies since 2005 the management system for food safety according EN ISO 22000 and the groceries certification from the organization for control and certification of biological products for their wide range of biological products produced in their facilities.
    The bakery “TSIKNAKI” was founded in 1984 in the Messara plain.
    The company STAVROU TSIKNAKI AND SONS is dealing with the production and the sale of traditional bakery products.
    Today the company owns new and very modern facilities, which cover 4.500m² and are equipped with excellent equipment.

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  • Vinegar

    Our vinegar produced exclusively from agricultural natural products and with modern equipment in order to achieve highest quality products

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